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Naturalps, your Swiss partner for the creation and manufacture of your premium cosmetics

Full service specialist

Naturalps develops, manufactures and sells internationally Swiss cosmetic productsm 100% tailor-made or based on ready-to-use formulas.

We offer a quality support service, from formulation to the finished product, with ingredients at the forefront of innovation.

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    Discover our personalized service to support you 360° in your project.

  • Regulation

    To ensure consumer safety we offer a set of tests.

  • Quality

    We ensure the quality control of the production of your cosmetic products.

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    Choosing the ideal partner for your project is difficult... We explain here the reasons why you will be delighted to work with us.

Tube cosmétique Naturalps
Tube cosmétique Naturalps

Our collections

Our catalog includes more than 20 collections and 500 ready-to-use formulas, all you have to do is add your brand name and it is launched immediately on the market!

Discover the collection that best suits your project.

Tube cosmétique Naturalps
Tube cosmétique Naturalps

Naturalps, Swiss cosmetics manufacturer since 2009

Our passion is innovation.
Our obsession is customer experience.
Our mission is to give life to all the projects that are submitted to us.

Our limit ? The sky!*

* and your budget 🙂

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Naturalps, fabricant de cosmétique en Suisse

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4 April 2022

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4 April 2022

The 6 steps to create a skincare product

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We continue our focus on our new collection Modern Man 🤩

With this new reel, learn more about the 3 main incredible actions this collection will have on your skin. Every active man should use Modern Man to fight the signs of age and fatigue 😎

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We teased you about it in the last few days, a new range is joining the Naturalps collection... Let us introduce to you MODERN MAN! 💥

Modern Man is a collection crafted for the active men’s skincare needs : it will keep them looking alert and feeling their best, while reversing the signs of time.

Stay young and attractive. Take daily care of yourself with Modern Man! 😎

Easy – Quick - Efficient

We will tell you more about the products next week, stay tuned.

And if you desire to launch a skincare collection for men, contact us 📩

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Naturalps, Fabricant de cosmétique en Suisse

Natural & bio

Naturalps, Fabricant de cosmétique en Suisse

360° innovation

Naturalps, Fabricant de cosmétique en Suisse

High flexibility

Naturalps, Fabricant de cosmétique en Suisse

Transparency & traceability