Stability and compatibility test

Icon stability test

We evaluate the stability of the formula we developed for you. We also verify its compatibility with the packaging you have chosen. These tests will allow us to estimate the theoretical shelf life of your formula.

Challenge Test and water activity measurment

We ensure the efficacy of the preservative system by carrying out a challenge test according to the method of the European Pharmacopoeia or ISO11930. If the product is oily or anhydrous, we will measure the Water Activity. This test is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 29621:2017. These microbiological tests allow us to confirm that the product presents no microbiological risk.

Skin and eye irritation test

Icon skin and eye irritation test

We organize skin irritation tests (also called Patch tests) under dermatological control. In addition, we carry out ocular irritation tests of your formula according to official alternative methods for evaluating irritant potential (Neutral Red Release Methods or HET-CAM). These tests make it possible to ensure the good tolerance of your product for the eyes and on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Efficacy tests

It is important to inform you that all your marketing claims you would like to have from your ingredients, and therefore your product, must be scientifically proven (anti-wrinkle, anti-redness, lightening, etc.). We support you in this necessary process.

Product Information File (PIF)

We provide you with the Product Information File required for launching a cosmetic product in Europe. This one must be presented to the competent authorities during any controle. This file compiles all product information including the formula. The tests carried out, the CPSR, the data of your packaging and Artwork.

Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)
Following an in-depth toxicological analysis carried out by an expert, we provide you with a complete report on the safety of use of your product. This document is mandatory for the European market.

Checking of your labeling

We can check the labeling compliance on your primary and secondary packaging. We comply with the cosmetic regulations in force in your target markets.

CPNP Registration

Since July 11, 2013, all cosmetic products must be registered on the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal, before being placed on the market. We are here to help you with this registration.

Export documents

We help you to export your products in Europe or internationally. We provide you with the necessary certificates for the registration of your product. Examples: Certificate of Origin, Free Sale Certificate, Good Manufacturing Practice…