How will we support you?

We are committed to carrying out your project from the initial idea to its realization and the delivery of your finished products. To do this, we offer you 360° support and intervene at each stage of the project development process.

We can support you in three different ways depending on your needs:

A – 100% Tailor-made

Unlimited creativity
Where the product of your dreams becomes reality. Our teams propose and develop with you a tailor-made product in line with your expectations and the market.

B – Catalog

Efficiency and speed
Our catalog of ready-to-use formulas offers a wide choice of white labels, developed according to the latest market trends, consumer expectations and needs. Launch your product in no time !

C – Personalized catalog formulas

Personalization and speed
Take advantage of our innovative formulas already ready to go on the market and add your personal touch for a project that suits you, within an optimized timeframe.

How it works ?

Find out how the creation of a cosmetic product takes place at Naturalps in 6 key steps, from your initial idea to the delivery of your finished products.

Naturalps Briefing


The goal is to determine all the critical points of your project:

  • Target price
  • Full service – Bulk + Filling – bulk
  • Marketing position
  • Naturality
  • Blacklist
  • Tailor-made product or Standard product
  • Market (China, EU, others…)

We can guide you through all 3 options so you can make the right choice.

Naturalps Formulation


Tailor-made formulas and personalized catalogs
We create the product of your dreams!

Catalog formulas
More than 500 formulas ready to be launched on the market!
Our formulas are ready to use, which means that the stability of the formulas, the challenge tests and the compatibility tests have already been validated.

Naturalps Sourcing


Faced with consumers for whom the visual aspect plays a very important role, it is crucial that the packaging is at the center of your product strategy. Our marketing experts and specialist designers work closely with your team to create the product you imagined.
What we offer you:

  • Personalization based on our standard lines
  • Outsourcing on request
Naturalps Tests et reglementation

Tests and regulations

We offer a set of mandatory tests to ensure consumer safety in the EU (and Switzerland) market.

Other additional tests are available upon request (use test to support marketing claims, clinical tests, dosage test…)

Naturalps Production


Upon receipt of your order and deposit, the standard lead time for bulk production is 8 weeks on reorders and 7/10 weeks on a first order.

We work for you with the support of our two partner factories.

Naturalps Livraison

Delivery of finished products

After microbiological control and palletization, we provide you with the packing list and the commercial invoice so you can organize the pickup.

Once the payment of the balance has been made, the goods are released.