New and personalised solutions for your cosmetics with Naturalps


The formulation is at the heart of your future product.

With a laboratory in the center of Montreux and more than 1000 raw materials referenced, Naturalps offers new and personalised solutions for your cosmetics.

Suiss Quality


Each raw materials is selected carefully according to our specifications:

  • Innovative and Award winning ingredients.
  • Selection of raw material for their toxicologic profile.
  • Preferential use of biocompatible ingredients.
  • Use of active ingredients clinically tested


Based on our formulation expertise, we design very high quality products where the sensory aspects are on the heart of our developments.

  • Sophisticated textures and fragrances,
  • Strong knowledge in premium natural formulation.


To ensure you the highest quality for your products, we perform specific tests on each development and we assist you on all the regulatory aspects:

  • Stability 
  • Compatibility
  • Challenge test
  • Het cam
  • In use or clinical tests upon request
  • Regulatory assistance (GMP, FSC certificate from Swiss authorities…),
  • Regulation cosmetic dossiers : Europe, ASEAN and China documents.
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