Naturalps - Cosmetic Swiss production engineering development


Founded in 2009 by Aurélie Tulot and Ludovic Simon with the vision to combine Swiss excellence and creativity. Looking firmly towards the future and specialized in innovative cosmetics, Naturalps will be your ideal partner for the development of modern Swiss quality products.

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Suiss Quality


Aurelie Tulot

Graduated in cosmetology from the University of Le Havre and a master degree in innovation in France. With 12 year’s experience in cosmetics (Swiss OEM and brands), she combines creative and technical skills, essential to manage the build-up of a new brand.

Ludovic Simon

Graduated in biochemistry from the University of Rennes in France. He is an expert in skincare development thanks to his knowledge of skin physiology and a specialisation in innovative formulation. His experience in production is also a strength to manage fast and successful projects.

Naturalps Suiss



- 100% active formulas (process water, emulsifying systems, emollients, active)
- Use of active ingredients clinically tested


- Use of Award winning ingredients
- Sophisticated textures and fragrances



- Selection of raw material for their toxicologic profil.
- Preferential use of biocompatible ingredients.


- Personalised follow-up at each steps of your project
- Resolutely turned towards the solutions instead of the problems

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